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  • Jaime Larios
    Crew Chief

    Jaime has been at Carr Chevy for 15 years. He is a fan favorite with customers and his co-workers! He has earned his way into the GM Mark of Excellence 3 times!

    Jaime loves to spend time with his 4 children and family. He also likes to work on his home and loves to watch soccer! Go Timbers!

  • Steven Hunt
    Senior Sales

    Steven has worked for the automotive industry for 3 years after coming from the Air Force for 12 years! His favorite places he traveled while in the Air Force were Spain, Siciliy, and England.

    He has achieved Mark of Excellence status 2 of the 3 years he has been at Carr! 

    Steven enjoys hiking, watching movies and reading in his spare time 

  • William Siauw

    William recently joined us at Carr Chevy. He is learning the auto business and has a natural ability for it! 

    William enjoys playing video games, aspires to have a Shiba Inu and loves Sushi! 

    His favorite place he has traveled to is Singapore. 

  • Sarah Eide
    Senior Sales

    Sarah started in the car business at Carr Chevy in 2001 and then took a 17 year break where she switched to outside sales for a large manufacturer. She came back to Carr 2 years ago and met her goal of becoming a GM Mark of Excellence Winner in her first full year! 

    In her free time she loves to lay with her 2 dogs, Harley and Ruby!

  • John Metzner

  • Pedro Valencia

    Pedro has been selling cars at Carr Chevy for 2 years. Previously Pedro was a hair model for Paul Mitchell! He has a wonderful sense of humor and is favorite among customers and his co-workers!