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Whether it's an automatic or standard, the transmission in your vehicle is one of the most intricate components. It can also be one of the costlier things to fix if there's a problem. There are a variety of symptoms to problems with the transmission, including issues shifting. Why won't a vehicle's transmission shift into gear? Typically, there are signs that something is wrong before the transmission simply won't go into a gear. For automatic transmissions, you may notice a delay when shifting from Park to Drive or Reverse. Or, the engine may rev a bit high before shifting into the next gear when headed down the road. The first thing to do is check the transmission fluid.

Hydraulic transmission fluid is the lifeblood of an automatic transmission. If the level is low or if the fluid is too old, there's a good chance that it's responsible for issues when shifting gears. However, if you've kept up on transmission maintenance at an authorized service center, the problem may well be something else.

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What Else Could Be Causing Gear Shifting Issues in Your Chevrolet?

The simple replacement of an externally mounted solenoid may solve the problem of an automatic transmission that is struggling to find the right gear. Compared to the costly project of rebuilding a transmission, which requires the entire unit be removed from the vehicle, replacing a solenoid is far more affordable. This is a great example of why you should always have your automatic transmission inspected and diagnosed by factory-trained experts at the first sign of it having issues shifting. Neglecting such warning signs can make the difference between an affordable repair and an expensive transmission rebuild. And, always keep up with proper transmission maintenance to better avoid issues altogether.

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What if You're Having Problems Shifting a Manual Transmission?

While a manual stick-shift transmission also contains fluid, it serves primarily to keep the gears lubricated and cooled instead operating the transmission like the hydraulic fluid in an automatic. That means it's more likely that a standard transmission that's having issues getting into the proper gear is because of a mechanical problem. Often, that problem has to do with the clutch. Typically, the clutch in a manual transmission is something that will need to be replaced after some time. It's a big project that's usually best left to the pros. There's also a good chance that you won't need a new clutch or transmission rebuild. The problem could be something minor, so we recommend that you consult a factory-authorized service center for the most accurate transmission diagnostic.

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