Things To Know About Auto Body Part Replacement at Carr Chevrolet

If your Chevy has been in an accident--from a minor fender bender to a more serious collision--it may be in need of replacement body panels. Though accidents can create lots of stress, we want to help out. Auto body repair doesn't have to be tricky if you have all the information you need beforehand. Keep reading to learn three important things about auto body part replacement at Carr Chevrolet.

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3. Know Where You're Going To Take Your Vehicle

If you've just been in an accident, it can seem like there are a thousand things you have to do. Making sure that everyone in the car is OK, moving out of traffic, calling the police, getting the insurance information from the other driver . . . the list goes on. It's a good idea to know beforehand where you're going to take your Chevy when it needs auto body repair work, especially if it will need to be towed there. After all, searching for a reputable place while you're on the side of the road dealing with everything else isn't an easy task. At Carr Chevrolet, we use Carr Auto Body, which has been providing quality repair since 1940.

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2. Be Sure To Understand Collision Insurance

If you have collision coverage, when you report an accident to your insurance provider, they will estimate the cost of the repairs and decide the best way forward from there. If the cost of repairs would be more expensive than your vehicle is worth, they will "total" the car by paying you its "actual cash value." However, if the repairs will cost less than the value of your car, your insurance will cover the cost of the repairs, leaving you to pay only the deductible. Reputable auto body shops will usually work with your insurance; be wary of any place that tries to get around insurance to get you to pay more out-of-pocket.

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1. Know Your Options for Replacement Auto Body Parts

If your Chevy is still being made by the factory, you'll probably be able to find brand-new body panels by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. These OEM parts are identical in quality to the panels that your Chevy car, truck, or SUV originally came with, and they're designed to fit perfectly. However, OEM parts aren't always available, especially for older vehicles that are no longer being made. In cases like these, finding salvage parts may be your best bet. To do this, you can search local junkyards for totaled vehicles of the same make and model as yours. Many of these will have intact bodywork, which you can then use for your own vehicle. Whatever you choose, be sure to talk to a specialist to figure out what's best for your vehicle.

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