What is a brake job?
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Carr Care FAQs: What is a Brake Job?

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Most of the time, the only service you'll need performed on your vehicle's brakes is a simple pad replacement every few years. When your brakes need even more attention, you'll need a full "brake job." That simply means a full brake service that ensures your vehicle is able to stop you quickly and safely.

Every 40,000 miles or so, your vehicle will need new brake pads. This is an extremely common service that often takes place during a simple oil change. Sometimes, additional service is required for your brakes, such as replacing brake rotors or brake drums, assessing the brake lines and fluid, and making repairs to the calipers or master cylinder. Some or all of these services will fall under the heading of a "brake job."

With the help of a factory-trained Chevrolet technician at your nearest Chevy dealer, you can be confident your braking system is in good shape and get a brake job if necessary.

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What are Common Signs I'm In Need of a Brake Job?

According to Chevrolet, factory brake pads will last for 40,000-60,000 miles in normal conditions, and 20,000-25,000 miles under severe use. Very severe brake use typically occurs in urban settings when stop-and-go traffic is the norm, or in mountainous regions which require long periods of constant brake pressure. If your brakes begin to squeak loudly, that's probably because the pads need to be replaced - they're actually made to squeal by design when the remaining friction material is almost gone.

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Beyond that, if you detect vibration in the brake pedal when you decelerate, the brake pedal falls to the floor, or it simply feels mushy, as if you were deflating something when pressing the pedal, you're likely in need of a total brake job. Bring your Chevy to the nearest Chevrolet dealership. The pros in the service department can quickly assess your braking system, identify problems and recommend any necessary repairs.

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