Why are Tire Rotations so Important on my Chevrolet Service FAQ in Beaverton, OR
Chevrolet tire rotation service FAQs

Why are Tire Rotations so Important on my Chevrolet? Carr Chevy Service FAQs, Answered for Portland

Chevrolet tire rotation answers

Your tires are among the most important items on your vehicle - being that they're the only parts of your vehicle that actually make contact with the road. They're also among the most expensive parts on your car that you'll regularly need to replace. Getting an extra season or two out of your tires, then, can save you some serious scratch! Regular tire rotations help you do just that. By swapping which position on your car each tire is mounted to, tire rotations help to even out uneven tire wear. The result? Your tires last longer and perform better.

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Chevrolet tire rotation answers

Did you know each of your tires wears differently? Below, we'll explain how tires wear out, and how tire rotations helps them to last even longer. And here's the best part: Tire rotation is a common, trivial service that can easily be performed during regular oil changes. When you visit an authorized Chevy dealership for all maintenance intervals and oil changes, your tires will be regularly rotated, too. It's just one more reason to turn to your local Chevrolet dealer for all maintenance and repairs!

How do Tires Wear Down Over Time?

In general, the outside edge of your tires will wear out more rapidly than the inside edge. Regular tire rotations will swap tires on the left side of your vehicle to the right, and vice-versa. This puts the unworn inside edge on the the outside, so the whole tire can be used up evenly.

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You should also consider the drive profile of your vehicle. The tires attached to drive wheels tend to wear out faster, as do the tires mounted to the front wheels, as they endure more lateral forces when cornering. So, if your vehicle is front-wheel drive, your front wheels are wearing out much faster than your rear wheels. Rotating tires from the front to the back gives them a break, and lets the rear tires catch up on the rate of wear.

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Tire wear cannot be perfectly evened out, however, as every vehicle experiences different stresses and drives a bit differently. Here in the U.S., it's common for the front-right tire to wear faster than the front-left tire, as we tend to take left turns faster than right turns. Since you can't eliminate uneven tire wear altogether, regular rotations helps you to minimize its effects - so your tires will last as long as possible.

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