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What Are Some Signs of Automotive Transmission Problems Around Beaverton?

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There are a lot of signs that your ride may be having transmission problems, and the solutions can range from low cost maintenance to more involved service like a rebuild. We'll get into these a bit further below, but first, let's look at what the transmission in your vehicle does. It's responsible for transmitting the power generated by the engine to the wheels. Consider a bicycle. In lower gears, you can pedal quickly without traveling very fast, while higher gears allow you to travel more quickly with fewer rotations of the pedals. This is achieved by gear ratios similar to those found in automotive transmissions?

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How Can You Tell If There is a Problem with a Vehicle's Transmission?

Issues with your vehicle's transmission most likely have to do with its ability to get into gear. If you notice an overly long hesitation when shifting from Park to Drive or Reverse, chances are that something is wrong with the transmission. With an automatic transmission, you may also notice that the vehicle remains too long in a gear before shifting to the next.

If the transmission is struggling to find the right gear at the right time, it could even cause the engine to stall or bog down. In terms of our bicycle example above, starting from a stop in a high gear or being in too high a gear for climbing a hill can result in it being especially difficult to pedal. The engine in a car is like your legs on a bicycle, so you can see why it may stall.

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What Are Some Solutions for Transmission Problems?

As with most systems in your vehicle, proper transmission maintenance is the best way to avoid problems like transmission slipping. This means having the fluid and filter replaced at the recommended intervals and not abusing the vehicle through frequent hard acceleration and stopping. Beyond that, the first thing to check when you suspect problems with a transmission is to check the fluid level. Many automatic transmissions should have their fluid checked when the vehicle is hot, running, and in Park. However, check your owner's manual for how to check the transmission fluid in your specific vehicle.

If the fluid level is where it's supposed to be, and you've kept up with the maintenance, then the problem could be a faulty solenoid, torque converter, or other component on an automatic transmission. If you drive a vehicle equipped with a manual stick-shift transmission, the problem could be a worn-out clutch, issues with the hydraulic operation of the clutch, or something else. The best way to be sure is to get expert transmission repair at your local authorized dealer.

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