How do I know when my vehicle needs service?
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Carr Care FAQs: How Do I Know When My Vehicle is in Need of Service?

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Sometimes, you just get the feeling that something isn't quite right with your vehicle. Maybe something feels off with the steering, throttle or braking that you can feel as you drive. No matter what it is, if something is truly wrong with your Chevrolet, you're likely to notice well before a minor issue turns into a show-stopping problem. That's because a modern car monitors almost every system electronically, and can alert you when something goes amiss. We'll give you some examples below of what you might notice when your car is in need of service.

Most importantly, you can consult your owner's manual to find when you need regular preventative maintenance. Following its recommended service schedule and bringing your vehicle to an authorized Chevy dealership service center for every maintenance milestone will help keep your car running stronger, longer. If you've missed a milestone or two, now is the perfect time to get caught up on your vehicle's maintenance needs!

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How Does My Car Communicate with Me?

When something goes wrong outside of regular, preventative maintenance, you'll almost always notice one of two things: The most common is the check engine light will turn on in your instrument cluster. Despite its name, this light is letting you know your car's computer system has detected something out of the ordinary - this could be in the engine, or elsewhere like in the transmission, exhaust, or electronic systems. When this light turns on, it's a good idea to bring it to the nearest Chevrolet dealership service department for a check-up. Your vehicle's computer stores a more-detailed code about what's gone wrong, and we can retrieve it with our sophisticated computers. We'll take a look at the affected system, diagnose the problem, and consult with you about your options for a repair.

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Sometimes, something else can go mechanically wrong with the vehicle. Your senses of hearing and even smell can help you detect problems! If you observe a burning smell, that could indicate a major problem. You might also hear things like a metallic squeak from the wheels when your brake pads are worn down, a clicking noise when turning if your CV axle has lost lubrication or a repetitive chirping noise when an accessory belt is in need of tightening or replacement. When your vehicle just doesn't sound, smell or even look right, consult with a factory-trained expert at your nearest Chevrolet service center.

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