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Beaverton Auto Care FAQs: What are the Most Common Causes of Tire Damage?

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You can probably guess one of the most common causes of tire damage: puncture damage from nails, screws and other sharp debris left in the road. It's almost impossible to avoid all the dangerous objects that lay in the road. That said, other common causes of tire damage can be mitigated or avoided by properly maintaining your vehicle! If the tires are regularly rotated, properly inflated and your vehicle's alignment is properly set-up, you'll give your tires the best chance to to avoid damage and last as long as possible.

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And don't forget: If you suffer a punctured tire, the experts at your nearest Chevrolet dealer can often repair it! If the sidewall or shoulder of the tire is punctured, then the tire is a loss and must simply be replaced. However, if the tire was punctured directly in the tread, it's often suitable for an inexpensive repair! Just make sure not to drive on the tire once it's gone flat. As soon as you detect a flat tire, pull over to the side immediately and install your temporary spare. The longer you continue to drive on a damaged tire, the less likely it is to be repaired.

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How Can I Protect my Tires from Damage?

A poorly inflated tire is at greater risk of damage. Keeping them properly inflated is crucial to your safety! Over-inflated tires have a smaller contact patch than they should - the part of the tire which makes contact with the road - which means they'll wear down rapidly in the middle, and they also won't provide as much grip as they should. On the other hand, under-inflated tires experience more stress because there's not enough air inside to support the weight of the vehicle. That causes added stress on the tire sidewall, which heats up more as you drive, making them susceptible to damage and blowouts. Properly-inflated, your tires will provide maximum performance as well as maximum resilience to potholes and road debris.

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Finally, to extract the most life from your tires, be sure your car's alignment is in good shape. A poorly-aligned vehicle pulls to one side, or requires a lot of attention to keep it traveling straight. Constant corrections overstress your tires, causing them to wear out rapidly. To extend the life of your tires, have your alignment checked and re-calibrated if your vehicle isn't handling quite as well as it should.

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