What Makes Engine Oil Changes so Important Service FAQ in Beaverton, OR
Chevrolet engine oil change service FAQ

What Makes Engine Oil Changes so Important? Portland Auto Maintenance Answers from Carr Chevy

Chevrolet engine oil change answers

The oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It plays a key role in lubricating, cooling and even cleaning the engine. As the engine oil breaks down in your vehicle, it loses its ability to do these important things. That's why Chevrolet (and every automaker, for that matter) recommends a regular oil change interval as part of scheduled maintenance for their vehicles.

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Learn how engine oil changes help your Chevy model

Depending on which kind of engine oil your vehicle came with from the factory, you'll be able to go a certain distance before the oil will be sufficiently broken down and in need of replacement. Your owner's manual has the recommended service interval for your car. Simply visit the authorized Chevy dealership nearest you for this service regularly - their factory-trained service team will handle the rest!

Below, we'll detail what goes on in your engine when the oil hasn't been changed. You'll quickly discover that the cost and inconvenience of regular oil changes pale in comparison to the cost and inconvenience of a full engine rebuild.

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What Happens When I Don't Change the Engine Oil on my Chevrolet?

Once you pass the recommended oil change interval - classically known as 3,000 miles for conventional engine oil, 7,000 miles or more with fully synthetic oil and somewhere in between for synthetic blends - the oil starts to break down rapidly in your engine.

As it breaks down, the aging oil separates into sludge, which collects in the engine rather than flowing through it, robbing you of engine power and fuel efficiency. The remaining oil is thin and its lubrication properties have deteriorated. The engine will quickly begin to overheat, overstress certain components and can even allow metal-on-metal contact, which can severely damage your engine! It may even lead to a full engine overhaul to address a problem like a failed head gasket.

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If it's been a few hundred miles since you passed the oil change reminder mileage on that window sticker, no need to panic - this process takes some time, and going a little over the interval once or twice probably won't ruin the engine. But the engine oil deteriorates more and more the longer you wait. Visit your local Chevrolet dealership service center today instead, to get the longest possible life out of your vehicle!

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