Why Must I Replace the Belts and Hoses on my Chevy Service FAQ in Beaverton, OR
Chevrolet belt and hose replacement service FAQ

Portland Auto Care FAQs: Why Should I Have the Belts and Hoses Under the Hood of my Chevy Replaced?

Chevrolet belt and hose answers

Over time, the rubberized components under the hood of your Chevrolet - like vacuum hoses, accessory belts, drive belts and more - will begin to break down. Rubber breaks down slowly over time, and normal wear and tear can accelerate this process. Rubber belts can become coated, or "glazed," with coolant or engine oil, causing them to break down rapidly. Debris can gather in systems like the brake lines or coolant hoses, accelerating the rate at which those hoses wear out.

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As a result, you'll eventually need to have the belts and hoses replaced in your vehicle, as part of regular maintenance. This is a commonplace, relatively inexpensive procedure. But, how do you know when a belt or hose requires replacement?

If a belt or hose fails completely, the associated systems will stop working. This can be a relatively minor issue, or it could stop your car dead in its tracks! It can be difficult to assess the life remaining in a rubber hose or belt yourself. That's why we recommend having your vehicle regularly inspected by a dealership service department. Such inspections will include a full assessment of the condition of your vehicle's rubberized components - so they can be replaced before they have a chance to fail altogether.

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How Can I Monitor the Condition of my Vehicle's Hoses?

For example, the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado owner's manual indicates that your drive belts should be inspected every 150,000 miles.

Now, it's certainly possible that your belts and hoses could last that long - however, in many cases, damage and excessive wear and tear can cause these components to fail long before they reach that mileage!

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That's why it's a good idea to have your local Chevy dealership perform all maintenance on your vehicle. During every oil change or other regular maintenance appointment, they'll perform a free multi-point inspection. This inspection includes a close look at the condition of your belts and hoses. A mere visual check might not give you the whole story - which is why talented, factory-trained technicians will inspect them closely, checking for any signs of wear like weak spots, bulges, cracks or loose fittings. Your hoses often wear out from the inside out, meaning you might not see any sign of damage until it's too late!

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