Why is a Timing Belt Replacement so Important for my Chevy Service FAQ in Beaverton, OR
Chevrolet timing belt replacement service FAQ

Why is Timing Belt Service so Important for my Chevy? Portland-Area Auto Maintenance Answers

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Not all Chevrolet engines are equipped with timing belts - but those that are must have the timing belt replaced before it can fail. The timing belt is tasked with the very important task of synchronizing all the engine's moving parts. If it fails, the engine will fall out of sync, parts will operate when and where they're not supposed to, and the engine can sustain catastrophic damage!

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Luckily, timing belt maintenance is pretty painless in modern cars. Today's timing belts are often reinforced with kevlar - the same material they make bullet-proof vests from - and they're stronger than they once were, meaning they can last up to 100,000 miles or more. Just check your owner's manual and the recommended maintenance schedule you'll find inside. If your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt, it'll let you know how frequently to have the belt inspected or replaced. All that's left for you to do is visit your nearest authorized Chevy dealer to have this service taken care of at the proper milestones.

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Why Do Only Some Engines Have Timing Belts? Is My Car One of Them?

Every passenger car engine has some sort of timing system which will either use a rubberized timing belt or a metal timing chain. The timing chain is permanent and typically lasts the whole life of the engine. A timing chain is often louder than a timing belt, and requires significant lubrication with engine oil, but the advantage is it's usually maintenance-free. By contrast, timing belts are quieter and easier to service, but they can fail eventually. That's why, if your Chevy has a timing belt, you'll want it regularly inspected by dealership pros. They can tell when your belt is starting to show signs of wear and tear that mean it's ready to be replaced.

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Where is the Timing Belt in my Chevrolet Engine?

Since the timing belt is often located under a cover deep inside the engine, it may require dismantling a significant part of the engine to access. What's more, since the timing belt often lasts 100,000 miles or more, it's usually a good idea to replace other components while the timing belt is being replaced. You'll want to have drive belts and rubber hoses inspected and replaced, the old water pump replaced, the gaskets inspected and more. When you trust a factory-trained Chevrolet service advisor, you can be sure they'll inspect the entire engine and recommend any necessary procedures at this stage.

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