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Cruise control has been a common feature in vehicles for a long time, and it's become quite advanced in newer models. Cruise control allows you to set a speed for the vehicle without having to keep your foot on the gas pedal. It makes long drives on the freeway a bit more relaxing, and today you can even get vehicles equipped with adaptive cruise control that maintains a set distance between you and the vehicle in front of you thanks to radar and camera technology.

To use your cruise control, you must first activate the system. Typically, there's a button on the steering wheel or lever on the steering column. Once the system is turned on, it's not ready to take you down the road at a set speed just yet. You still need to tell the system what speed you want the cruise control set at. The system can be deactivated by cancelling it at the switch, turning the system off, or simply stepping on the brake.

Below, we look at seven reasons why your cruise control may not be working even when operated properly. If you have any questions or would like the experts to look at the cruise control system in your vehicle, contact us at Carr Chevrolet where our factory-trained technicians are proud to serve the greater Portland area.

Why does my cruise control not work for my Chevrolet

7. A Fuse or Relay has Gone Bad

In modern vehicles, electronics have taken over just about every aspect of the vehicle. This means a variety of fuses and relays that all need to function properly, and it's not uncommon for one of these fuses or relays to go bad. A blown fuse or bad relay can interrupt the circuits necessary for the cruise control system to work. While replacing these components when they go bad may solve the problem, it's often worth having an expert look things over to ensure there isn't a more significant problem that caused the fuse or relay to go bad in the first place.


6. Something is Wrong with the Wiring

The wiring in modern vehicles is responsible for just about everything, so it's no surprise that a wiring issue can cause your cruise control not to work. We often see wiring problems caused by rodents getting under the hood and chewing things up, but that's not the only reason you may have a wiring problem. A wiring harness could be rubbing and develop a short or a connection could come loose after hitting a pothole.

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5. The Cruise Control Switch Went Bad

As with most electrical components, the switches are subject to wear over time. Whether the cruise control in your vehicle is operated by a lever or a button, the contacts may have worn out and no longer be able to send signals to operate the system.


4. Brake Light Switch is Bad

This may seem a little less obvious, but the brake light switch is usually an important part of the cruise control system. After all, the system must be connected through the brake in order to turn off when you press the brake pedal. If the brake switch is the problem, you're also not likely to have brake lights. That's certainly something that you'll want to have addressed immediately.

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3. There's a Vacuum Leak

This won't be a problem in newer vehicles with electric cruise control systems. However, older models might use the vacuum created by the engine to operate the cruise control system. If the vacuum system on these models develops a leak, it will typically cause the cruise control to stop working.


2. Speed Sensor Went Bad

For a cruise control system to work, it must know how fast the vehicle is traveling in order to maintain the speed. This is accomplished through speed sensors that are typically mounted at the wheels or there may be a speed sensor at the transmission. If one or more of these sensors go bad due to age or damage from road debris, there's a good chance that the cruise control will stop working.

1. Check Engine Light is On

Modern vehicles are operated with a computerized electronic control unit. This computer uses data from a variety of sensors to make sure the engine, transmission, and even brakes work correctly. If this computer gets bad signals from any of the sensors, it will turn the check engine light on to alert you something isn't right. In many cases, this will also disable the cruise control system as a safety measure that guards against potential engine damage.

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