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If you're driving a Chevy with a battery that's several years old, it makes sense that it might die. After all, even the best batteries wear out eventually. But if you've recently put a new battery in your Chevrolet, and it still keeps dying, chances are it's another problem entirely. Below, we list six common reasons a new battery might keep dying.

A close-up view of a Chevrolet vehicle's headlight

6. You Left the Lights On

Leaving your headlights on can drain your battery--but there are other things that can cause this drain, as well. For example, if the trunk is left open a bit, or the interior lights are still turned on in your car, they may drain your battery. If you do this multiple times, your battery may continue to die.

A car driving down a long, hill road, showing a longer rather than shorter trip

5. Multiple Short Trips

Ignition is the time when your battery puts out the most power. If you only take your car on short drives, the battery may not have a chance to fully recharge. You can remedy this by either walking or biking short distances, or by driving around a little bit longer.

4. Extreme Temperatures

This is a problem you're not likely to experience in Beaverton. After all, the Pacific Northwest is known for its relatively mild (if a bit rainy) weather. But if you're taking a trip to somewhere extremely cold or hot, your battery may struggle to deal with the temperature change. It could take it longer to charge up, which could lead to it dying.

A technician tightening a loose battery cable

3. Parasitic Drain

Your car's battery experiences a little bit of parasitic drain at most times. This is because it uses a tiny amount of power to keep things like the clock, alarms, and radio presets running when the engine is turned off. However, if there's an electrical problem in your Chevy, it can cause parasitic drain that is excessive. This could drain your battery, leaving it unable to start.

2. Loose or Corroded Battery Cables

The entire charging system can be working properly--but if the physical point of connection is compromised, the system won't be able to work. If the cables that connect the battery to your Chevy are loose or corroded, it may be harder to transfer the necessary current. This, in turn, can make it harder to start your car.

1. Bad Alternator

As you drive your Chevy, the alternator is what powers many of the electrical systems. But it does more than that: it also recharges the battery. If the alternator is faulty in your Chevrolet, your battery may not be getting the charge it needs.

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