Things To Know About Aftermarket Rims at Carr Chevrolet

Thinking of adding some sick new rims to your Chevy? While aftermarket wheels may look cool, your Chevrolet is a complex vehicle, and replacing the wheels with new ones may present more challenges than it might at first appear. If you're thinking of upgrading your rims, keep these four things in mind.

What you should know about aftermarket rims at Carr Chevrolet

4. Quality Parts Are Hard To Find

Wheels are a popular aesthetic upgrade, which means that the market for replacement wheels is packed with options of varying quality. While you may stumble upon a quality seller of rims, you might also find an unscrupulous company pushing cheap knock-offs that will chip and flake--or worse--with even regular daily driving. This is why it's best to skip the aftermarket and choose GM OEM wheels, as well as those approved by an authorized Chevy dealer, when you're thinking of an upgrade.

3. Checking the Wheel Size Is Essential

If you do decide to change the wheels, we highly recommend keeping the same overall diameter. Installing wheels that are too large can be the source of all kinds of trouble. Your Chevy might have decreased performance, and might not be able to accelerate as well. In addition, the ABS and traction control systems can be compromised, and the speedometer can even give an inaccurate reading.

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2. Changing the Rim Size Can Have Consequences

One way around changing the overall diameter of the wheel is to install wheels with a larger rim and thinner tires. This can help avoid the problems that come from installing larger wheels, but it can create issues of its own. The tires will likely cost more than standard tires, and the thinner sidewall means that you'll probably be in for a less smooth ride. What's more, you'll have to check the fitment to ensure that the new wheels will work with your vehicle.

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1. Trust the Experts

As you can see, changing the wheels on your Chevy can be a complex and difficult service. For this reason, it's best to get work done at the dealership. The technicians at Carr Chevrolet are experts who are well versed in exactly what your Chevy needs. This is an intensive service that can affect the quality of your drive, so make sure that you're trusting it to the people who know your Chevy best.

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