Things To Know About Broken Vehicle Windows at Carr Chevrolet

There are many ways a window in your car can break. A broken window could be caused by a break-in, an act of vandalism, a collision, or even strong winds. But whatever the cause, figuring out what to do next can be stressful. We want to help take the uncertainty out of the situation in this article. If a window on your car has been broken, here are five things to do.

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5. Call the Police

This is an important step that should be taken before you do anything else. If you're in a crash that's severe enough to break a window, you'll need a police report. The same holds true of a break-in. If you suspect theft or vandalism, be sure not to touch anything before the police arrive. You can, however, take pictures of the scene.

4. Consider Filing an Insurance Claim

Your insurance may or may not cover a broken window--and if it does, you might find that the cost of the deductible is greater than the cost of car window glass replacement (though this usually applies only to theft or vandalism, not to a broken window that's part of larger damage due to a collision). Even if you don't file a claim, it's best to call your insurance provider to ask what to do if your window has become broken. They might want to send someone out to inspect the vehicle, as well, so hold off on touching anything until you've found out what your insurance recommends.

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3. Clean Up the Glass

The good news is that modern glass used in cars is designed to shatter without being jagged, so your chance of being seriously cut is lower. However, you'll still need to clean up glass that fell inside or outside of your vehicle. A small vacuum cleaner might be the best way to accomplish this, too--though a small broom will do in a pinch.

2. Cover the Window

The next thing to do is to figure out how best to cover a broken window. There are many ways to do this. Attaching a plastic garbage bag to the window using duct tape is a common fix. Using packing tape to create a temporary window can also work. You should wear gloves for this process, since even safe modern glass could still cut your hand. Be sure to use tape only on the inside of the vehicle, as putting it on the outside could damage the paint job. And remember: this is a very, very temporary fix. Driving with a temporary window cover is not particularly safe for you or your vehicle.

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1. Have the Glass Replaced--And the Vehicle Inspected

It's important to have the auto glass replaced immediately. Even if it's not completely shattered, side window glass can't be repaired, but must be replaced. In addition to car window glass replacement, be sure that you have the rest of the door--and the rest of the vehicle--inspected. Whatever broke your window may have caused damage elsewhere, including to the interior mechanisms in the door of your car.

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