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Unlocking your Chevy and turning the key to start it can become so routine that it's easy to overlook. However, once there's a problem with the door lock or the ignition lock, it's hard to think of anything else. If you're having a problem with either of these, it's likely to display specific symptoms. Learn more about them and what they could be caused by below, and be sure to head to Carr Chevrolet for ignition & car door lock repair.

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4. The Key Won't Unlock the Car Door Remotely

If you press the button on your key or key fob and nothing happens, it's likely due to a dead battery. This can be an irritation if your vehicle just has keyless entry--but if it's also equipped with keyless ignition, it could make starting your car much more troublesome. Fortunately, batteries don't often die without first giving out warnings. If you find that the range at which your remote keyless entry operates has decreased, the battery is probably running low, and should be replaced as soon as possible.

3. The Power Locks Don't Work

If the battery in your key or key fob is working as it should, but the power locks still don't work, start by seeing if the problem affects just one lock or all of them. A problem with one lock is probably due to the lock actuator or another malfunction inside the mechanism of the door itself. But if none of the power locks work, check the fuse box in your vehicle. A blown fuse can cause the power locks to stop working.

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2. The Ignition Cylinder Is Locked

If you put your key in the ignition and it doesn't turn, don't worry just yet: it could just be your car looking out for you. In order to prevent theft by hotwiring, the steering wheel will lock if it's moved without a key in the ignition; it also prevents the ignition cylinder from being turned. If you bumped the steering wheel getting into or out of your vehicle, it may have activated this lock without your knowing it. The wheel will move slightly before locking up; try gently moving it while you try to turn the key. The combination of these two motions should tell the lock that all is well.

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1. The Key Won't Turn

If the ignition and steering wheel lock are not engaged, but the key won't turn, it's a sign of other problems. It could be that the ignition cylinder itself has worn out and is in need of replacement; this is more likely to happen if you have a full and heavy keychain. Or, the key itself might have become worn out, and a new one may need to be cut. If you have a spare key that you don't use as much, see if using that one will work (just be sure that you still get another one cut, so you'll have a spare if you need it).

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