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While we hope you'll never be in a situation where your vehicle's airbags will need to deploy, it is best to make sure that they're functional. If a collision does occur, they can make a huge difference. That's why, if your airbag dash light stays on, it's crucial that you bring your vehicle to an authorized Chevrolet and GM service center right away.

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The airbag light indicates that something is wrong with the seatbelts or airbags. This means that it's probably not safe to drive with the airbag light on. If it stays illuminated in your vehicle, we recommend having it towed to the dealership rather than driving it yourself. After all, if the airbags don't deploy and you get into a crash on the way to get it fixed, you'll be at much greater risk for injury or death. Diagnosing the cause isn't always easy, so it's best to let the experts handle it. However, there are three common problems that may cause this light to turn on.

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3. Computer Problems

We've listed this as one problem, but there are so many computer issues that could cause your airbag light to stay on. When you bring your Chevy or GM vehicle to the service center, the technicians will hook it up to a code reader. The computer will let them know exactly what's gone wrong.

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2. Your Vehicle Has Been in an Accident

If your car has crashed, the airbag light will most likely be on. This obviously applies for big accidents where the airbags have deployed; if this has happened and your vehicle has been repaired, it's possible that the technicians doing the repair forgot to reset the system. However, it can happen in smaller crashes at slower speeds, too. Even if the airbag didn't deploy, the crash sensors may have activated. Crash sensors are, as their name indicates, sensitive, and they'll need to be reset if they're tripped.

1. Your Seatbelts Aren't Buckled Properly

Modern vehicles come with sensors that detect when you've buckled your seatbelt. If your seatbelt doesn't buckle all the way--even if it feels secure--the sensor will toss up the airbag light. This could be due to some debris (like a loose coin) getting stuck in the belt buckle, or it could be a problem with the sensor wires themselves. Damage from corrosion or foreign objects may cause them to fail so that they won't sense the connection.

And of course, if you haven't buckled your seatbelt at all, you'll get this same warning light. Remember to always buckle up. Seatbelts save lives.

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