Why is my vehicle's check engine light on?
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Carr Care FAQs: Why did the Check Engine Light Turn on in my Chevy?

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Don't be fooled by the name - when something goes wrong anywhere in your vehicle, from the engine to the exhaust to the climate control system, you're likely to see the check engine light turn on in your vehicle. It's just your car's way of letting you know it's detected something abnormal. Some modern cars even have advanced maintenance alerts programmed into the infotainment system. The most important thing to know is, when you see the check engine light in your instrument panel, it's a good idea to bring it to an authorized Chevrolet dealer to get it checked out by the pros.

In most cases, it'll still be perfectly safe to drive, at least for a day or two until you can free up some time for a service appointment. Some vehicles even have a more severe warning light for show-stopping problems. As long as you can still safely operate the vehicle and it's not overheating, you'll be safe to drive it in yourself. However, if it's overheating or cannot be safely controlled, reach out to your nearest Chevy dealer. They'll help you connect with a reliable towing company to bring it to the service center for a long-term repair.

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What Are the Most Common Causes of a Check Engine Light?

Not all check engine lights indicate major problems! Often, it's as simple as a bad reading from a failed electronic sensor, or even a gas cap that seals poorly. We might just sell you a replacement gas cap for a few dollars and send you on your way!

Other, more-severe problems will be indicated by a check engine light, too. These can include fluid leaks, problems with the transmission, catalytic converter, or even a problem with the engine itself.

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Remember: Small issues left unattended can quickly degenerate into major problems. For example, a low oil level can easily be remedied by a simple oil change - but if enough oil seeps out of the system, your engine won't be lubricated properly, and could severely damage itself. That's why it's never a good idea to ignore a check engine light! Instead, bring your vehicle to an authorized Chevrolet dealership. Our factory-trained service experts will be able to use sophisticated computers to get more details on the problem from your car's internal computer, and recommend a repair.

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