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A constant velocity (CV) axle, also known as a half shaft, takes power from the vehicle's transmission and differential and transfers it to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to drive forward. As you can guess, it's an important piece of engineering--so it's important to keep an ear out for signs that it may be going bad. Below are the four most common symptoms of a bad CV axle; if you notice any of these, head to your local Chevrolet service center immediately.

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4. Vibration While Driving

This is a tricky one, since there are many things that could cause vibration when you drive. However, if the vibrations are excessive, increase with speed, or give an unusually "bouncy" feel to your drive, it may be due to the CV axle. Whatever the cause of vibrations, it's important to get your vehicle inspected; if it vibrates too much, it can become harder to control.

3. Grease on the Inside or Edge of the Tires

The CV axle joint has boots that contain grease while the axle spins, keeping it from leaking. If the boot develops a leak, the resulting lack of lubrication could soon lead to the failure of the CV joint. If you notice grease on the edge of your tire or the inside of the wheel, don't wait to bring your car in for service.

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2. A Knocking Sound

Keep an ear out for a knocking or clunking sound, especially a rhythmic one. While this doesn't always come from the CV axle, none of the potential causes are good ones, so an immediate inspection is required. In some cases, you may notice that the knocking sound is more pronounced in reverse. Ultimately, your best bet is to have the experts inspect the problem right away. If you're not sure how safe the vehicle is to drive, give us a call. We'll discuss the issue with you and help make arrangements if necessary.

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1. "Clicking" Noises When Turning

Though it's sometimes described as a loud click and sometimes described as a pop, this noise is unmistakable once you hear it. It presents itself when you turn the vehicle, and it's due to the loose joints of a worn CV axle. As with other symptoms, it's important to bring your vehicle to a service center immediately if you hear this noise.

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