What does Truck Certified mean?

At Carr Chevrolet and Carr Truck Country, it means a few things. First is that our new trucks have been ordered with the Pacific Northwest (and its weather, work and sports minded families) in mind, and that our used trucks have all undergone a rigorous inspection to ensure that they are of the highest quality and are just plain dependable. Being a family owned Chevrolet dealership since 1941 gives us a bit of experience when it comes to making the right selection of new and used trucks, both for our lot inventory and for our customers. We won't sell you something that we wouldn't want sitting in our driveway or taking our own kids to school. If it somehow turns out that you are not happy with your purchase or lease, for whatever reason, we give you a 30-Day Exchange Certificate on our used trucks.

Truck Certified also means that our sales staff has undergone special training in order that your questions can be answered on the spot, and not have to be hunted down online or in some manual or brochure (which you can do yourself). We know our stuff when it comes to trucks. We stock one of the Northwest's largest selection of pickups, vans and SUVs. If you can't find it here we'll go out and get it for you. Tell our Truck Certified staff what it is you need to accomplish with your new Chevrolet, or used truck, and usually they'll walk you right to any number of units that will fit your needs. Or just tell 'em what you want, plain and simple. They understand people who understand.

OK, but what about price?

Carr Chevrolet is offering our customers some terrific new and used truck values this month, and we believe that they are the lowest prices you'll find on comparably equipped trucks (not just in the Portland area either, but anywhere). However, anyone can offer low prices. It's what you get, along with that low price that makes the difference when you visit us here at Carr Chevrolet and Carr Truck Country. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a new Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, Equinox or Traverse, or a used Ford, Dodge, Toyota or Nissan. If it's truck, we likely have it, know it, and can make you a heck of a deal on it. We can get you the right financing if you need, and service it for you down the road.

At Carr Chevrolet we believe Truck Certified means that we're the best place to find, purchase or lease, and service your new or used truck. It's that simple.